From Bologna to Miami, connecting different realities: cultural, social,
scientific, entrepreneurial and sport.
It is a journey of more than forty
thousand kilometres overland, from one continent to another to give a report of culture that is “made in Italy” (or better yet “made by Italy”), but also
to listen to the voices, that during our fascinating itinerary, will tell how people are, work and think in countries far away from ours.
The journey will have a direct and immediate journalistic language. It will be a search for and a collection of attitudes, creative energies and a testimony of peace. At the end of the journey, after five long months of travelling, and countless uncertainties, a link will be created between different ways of thinking, different cultural perceptions, and ways of working.
It is an adventure that will strengthen existing relations and create new ones, that
will develop alliances between the institutions of different countries, but will also seek to refurbish the existing association between Italian
entreprises and the Italians who have moved abroad in search of fortune.
Thanks to “Bologna-Miami”, communities, thousands of kilometres distant, can meet and talk the same language of talent, creativity, and of the unmistakable style that is “made in Italy”.
“Bologna-Miami” was conceived in February 2001 as a journalistic tour around the world, but as time went by
and in light of the recent world events the project became a truly unique
enterprise. Besides confirming and giving importance to its “local”
characteristics, the project has developed links with international
institutions and enterprises. Therefore it will be a long live report from the forgotten and unknown places of three continents, but above all a message of optimism, of peace and inventiveness.
This project is made possible thanks to our supporters:
the Ministry of Productivity, the region of Emilia – Romagna, the Province of Bologna and the Council of Culture of the Municipality of Bologna. There is also a growing journalistic interest in Beijing and Moscow, with the 2008 Olympic Games to take place in the Chinese capital and the continuing economic expansion and tourist activity in the Russian city thus giving us the opportunity to make important and
interesting reports.
The contributions of our sponsors, important enterprises and institutions, have been fundamental for the success of “Bologna-Miami”.