Fabio Raffaelli is the creator of “Bologna-Miami”. Fabio belongs to a family of journalists, he has worked for over thirty years with the most important italian publishers. He has been the Paris correspondent for Rizzoli, editor-in chief of the newspaper Il Resto del Carlino dealing with domestic news and economics for twenty years. Since 1998 he developed, as editorial director of the Gazzoni Group of Bologna, the television network of the company, lately he has developed for the same Group the project of several satellite channels dedicated to specific topics in collaboration with Stream. He has written, along with his father Filippo, over twenty books about culture, history and economy. Now his intention is to return to
“front line” journalism, to bring us closer to protagonists of the past and of today, to give a detailed report of the world which changes daily before our eyes. Fabio will have at his side during this new adventure as second driver his wife Alessandra, trip-mate of many adventures around the world.

Alessandra Fontana will celebrate her birthday on the road. On the 8th of May, in Vienna, the first important leg of ‘Bologna-Miami’, Alessandra will turn 49 years old. She worked several years with her father, an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, then she chose to commit herself to the profession she preferred, working as a real-estate agent. At first she worked for an
important national company, then she decided to create her own real-estate agency. She is accustomed to travelling all over Italy, but during her leisure time she loves looking and travelling far away, organizing her own trips in the most remote areas of the world, from Mexico to Honduras, from Pakistan to the deserts of Africa

Jago Corazza is the technical and television manager of the project. He has a good deal of experience in the field of photography and television, but his passion for adventure has brought him all over the world as a traveller and as a guide. He has completed hundreds of reports, organizing personally
expeditions in the National Parks of the three Americas, in the highlands of Peru, and the Arctic Circle. He has reached 5500 metres on the Andes Mountains and been to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize,
Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Turkey, India, Nepal, Birmania, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Sikkim, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe. He has crossed several times the forests of Borneo and of Papua and has reached the cannibal tribes of Irian Jaya, the Dayak of Kalimantan, the Toraja and the magnificent Dogon. As a film and photography director he has produced television documentaries, didactic films, clips and television programmes for RAI, Mediaset, Videomusic, TMC and regional television stations. With Filmaker video-productions of Bologna he has produced television programmes such as ‘Mi ritorni in mente’ (RAI 1), ‘Help’ (TMC), ‘Roxy Bar’ (TMC2). He has received three Telegatti awards. He has collaborated in the completion
of several albums as producer and author. He teaches direction of photography in Technical Professional Schools. As media manager of Ideadrome Technologies, a leading company in the field of advanced technology, he has produced CD-ROMs and internet sites.



Greta has studied languages at high school and now she is taking a univeristy degree in training and selection of human resources. Greta has worked for seven years in the field of fashion and advertisement. She has worked as a model for many important international companies with whom she is still collaborating. Thanks to her good knowledge of languages, she has been chosen to represent important brands in Paris, London, Lyon, Dusseldorf,
Munich, Zurich and other European cities. After several experiences in the film world she started working on television thanks to commercials. As a guest and co-presenter she has taken part in TV programmes for RAI, Mediaset, E’-TV Rete 7, Antenna Uno, (Vota la voce, La sai l’ultima, Ring, Stelle a quattro zampe, Bellissima, Mi ritorni in mente, Help, Roxy Bar).
She loves travelling in remote areas of the world. She was one of the presenters of the TV programme Extreme TV, which is now broadcasted by important regional TV stations in the centre and north of Italy. Now she is
engaged in the completion of documentaries in the Extreme East, Central America, Asia and Africa for the TV programme Explorer TV, which is an evolution of the former programme for satellite channels.Thanks to her good knowledge of computer science and internet technology she is engaged in the creation of important web sites and in the production of many CD-ROMs.